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WIP Music

Discover good tunes and share your own gems. Talk about music, code, and sometimes other things!

Work In Progress

We are a community of makers. We motivate each other to ship products.

Lift Or Die

Lift Or Die is a community of people who motivate each other to work out, get back in shape and live a healthier life.

Mindful Makers

Mindful Makers is a community of makers, creators and tinkerers who track meditations, discuss mindfulness, health, philosophy, love and finding harmony in an increasingly digital world.

Solo Founders

Community of talented solopreneurs, indiehackers & Product Hunters. Share your experience, discuss technologies and growth hacks. Feel free to ask for an advice, feedback or pitch your craziest idea.

Open Good

A community of creators, working on projects with a mission for social impact.

Jitsu Club

We are a community of passionate jiu-jitsu lovers who learn together, keep each other motivated to train and just can't stop talking about bjj 🥋 Oss


Learn, Chat and Network with over 100 Python and Django Developers.

Public Party

Totally Off Topic Group for everyone. Talk about everything you want! Everyone is invited to the (virtual) Party! Only a few Rules: • No NSFW Content • No Spam • No harassment • Nothing political • Only english Have fun! 🎉