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Vedic Astrology Advice by Steve Hora. Steve Hora Jyotish Guru, SME on Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology Researcher, Prediction & Subject Matter Expert (SME). Your karma chooses the best astrologer, & that, is your fate. Tathaastu. So be it. Astrologically, I love to analyse Vedic (Sidereal) or Western (Tropical) Astrology, comprehend it and solve the unresolved question of human existence, in its various aspects, events, tribulation and the very ending. (This quality of mine is due to 5th lord Shukra sitting in 4th, and looking at 10th, and Shukra in Ketu nakshatra, who is with Shani in Makara lagna. Shukra being my Yogakaraka graha, in my horoscope). I challenge the status quo and ad-literam of vedic and western astrology, navigate uncharted waters, to find newer vistas from the astrology lore and find the truth. Be unbiased, even with my own opinion, or by the very information gathered, than to assimilate, digest, critically analyse, synthesize and find the truest path, which had been lost to time. (This quality of mine is due to Makara Lagna Shani and Ketu sitting in Abhijit-Sravanna nakshatra, who is exalted in 5th). To contact me, securely on Telegram at or Send an email to Google search - โ€œvedic astrology adviceโ€ for my website.

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